Our SUPERFOOD products are specialized for the skin - The LARGEST organ of the Human Body.


All ingredients are ethically sourced, natural, and organic.

Made With Love

NO chemicals, NO alcohol, NO parabens and NO synthetic preservatives.


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Who are we? 




We are on a mission to salve the world with  universal remedies of radical health and beauty.

A bunch of forest thinkers, economists let loose in society, to provide a helping hand.


Creators of…

Wild harvested- raw organic, superfood enriched, plant-based products.


Including a full spectrum of diversity – rich with amino acids, anti-microbes, beneficial enzymes, and minerals. Light force from the sun is vital, creating radiant beauty and thriving health for all your bodily needs.


We are doing this at the same time as a way to educate the masses on the benefits received on opting for a more natural earth-based lifestyle…


The realization that everything (especially a forest) is interconnected gave us the key to the solution. It’s in our name, Lin which means ‘Forest’ in Chinese and that’s our ethos.


A brewing of simple alchemy of ancient healing techniques explored in modernized apparatus and insightful investigations.


In other words, we carefully orchestrate at low temperature, a slow extraction process that insures the livelihood of  each plant, wax and mycelial mushroom compound.


Two paths of current colliding cause a vacuum, causing magnetism and oxygenation. Under those condition , we imprint our natural oils/wax’s with complex bio-molecular information from a host of different plants/fungi. This gives rise to a living symbiosis of potent medicines and bio-availability (the ability one has to absorb vitamins and minerals).


Our mystery is scientifically proven to have the results people are looking for.


Bringers of the gift mother nature willfully gives…Here, at  the palm of your hand.



We love  life of ALL kind & are Passionate about creating a better, more abundant world for all of us.


The key? 

It starts with all of us and how we treat ourselves, our skin and ultimately, our world.


Join us on this exciting adventure… 😉 




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