Heart medicine. Theobroma cacao, Greek for ‘Food of the gods.’ Now we all love chocolate, right? How many of us know about the real truth of Cacao? Probably only a few.

Well here’s the truth summed up, cacao IS extremely HEALTHY for YOU.

It balances the body, mind and emotions. We’ve all been led to believe that chocolate is bad for you, it causes diabetes, makes people fat etc. When in actually that is the sugar, milk and processing gone into making ‘commercial’ chocolate – a perversion to a sacred sacramental medicine long heralded by the ancient civilizations


Cacao is naturally bitter and in actual fact makes you skinny! The highest whole food source of chromium and magnesium in the world!  (number one biggest mineral deficiency in modern cultures today)

Magnesium is involved extensively in relaxing the heart and various bodily muscles, helping the heart pump blood while reducing blood pressure and spasms.


Magnesium is highly involved in the maintenance of healthy skin, bones and cardiovascular system. In conjunction magnesium also soothes nerves/anxiety and aids in the process of detoxification.. Also helping to regulate an abundance of calcium, potassium and sodium, relieving symptoms like constipation and mineral overdose. Any part of the body when it is acidic starts to become unhealthy since pathogenic bacteria thrive in an acidic environment; however magnesium is a highly alkalizing agent which neutralizes the negative effects of acidity – regulating your body and its skin’s pH level, into a optimal state of being.


Known to be the highest whole food source of antioxidants ( cinnamon and chaga having higher levels AO per weight; these are all among the top 5 antioxidant counts found in all food sources worldwide). This is the major contributing factors to the use of these ingredients, here a Lin skincare.


Oxidation is the biggest cause of cell disintegration or as you could say, death. Innocently in a sense you could say that AO’s prevent the effects of aging and render the body protected to the forces of decay thus preserving the body in a wholesome alive state… Cacao has long been speculated to be the MOST chemically diverse food source on the planet! This would account for its myriad array of benefits on all biological, emotional and neural functionings.


Cacao is a complete protein source, having all essential amino acids that the body cannot produce on its own, and in the right proportions. By the way, Omega 6 goes rancid once cooked, that’s why we eat raw cacao. Ca’cao, not cocoa – Different spelling, and worlds apart in health benefits. Once raw cacao is heated over 55 degrees celsius, the important digestive enzymes begin to die off, and as a result its AO content reduces significantly.  Cocoa (the inferior one) as opposed to cacao (superior), undergoes a dutching process whereby the seeds are roasted and/or an alkaline agent is used (potassium or sodium sorbate usually) – spoiling the purity and creating an inferior product. Silly beans they are!


Cacao is full of life, offering the body vast vistas of energy and bliss. Due to phenylethylamine (PEA) and anandamide (which isn’t find in any other food source in the world except marijuana).  PEA is referred to as the love molecule, associated with aphrodisiac qualities. Anandamide is known as the bliss molecule in modern science. One reason why chocolates is the commonly exchanged gift on Valentine’s day.


Theobromine one of cacao’s unique AO also kills streptococci mutans, a main bacteria contributing to the formation of plaque on artery walls and teeth. Thereby preventing tooth decay, and heart problems caused by cholesterol. As a last side note, copied from ‘’


 “At the time of the Spanish conquest, cocao bean currency in the commercially active economy of the Aztec empire ranked above gold dust as the principal form of money.”


Now that’s pretty significant if you ask me, a real true evaluation of a resource – based on function and intrinsic value. Diversity means abundance, and what a way to be wealthy and healthy when your money is chocolate, now that sounds like a plan for our evolving growing civilization!




‘Cacao beans has more antioxidants than red wine, blueberries, acai, pomegranates, and goji berries combined’.

Potent moisturizer and skin rejuvenator.

Contains rare enzyme inhibitor MAO, which reduces appetite and circulates more serotonin and dopamine naturally in the brain

Reverses aging and promotes the growth of youthful cells

Rich in magnesium and chromium (80%of americans are nutrient deficient in both)

Creates sensations of love and bliss, due to PEA and anandamide molecules.

RAW cacao is better than cocoa, health wise (check spelling).

DNA and Stress protective, a natural all muscle relaxant

Complete protein, with significant amounts of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.

21% RDA of vitamin C in 28 grams of cacao

Worth more than gold in the Aztec empire


STAY IN TUNE. Next, we will be sharing our knowledge gathered on HEMP-SEED OIL and its wonderful benefits and usage in general health/skincare.