Lin Skincare is a conscious operating cosmetic experience that is traditionally South African. An emphasis on wild-harvest African herbs are used thoughtfully in our formulations, with a mix of ethically sourced organic plant-based ingredients from exotic fertile lands. 

Our mission is to provide premium beauty and optimum health into the palm of your hand.

Only dealing directly with farmers, local African businesses and communities to source the highest quality ingredients possible, to ensure ethical business standards. Through this initiative, our aim is to redefine the model and also educate customers in the manner which they purchase their skincare products.

Informing the public sector on sustainable living will set up the process for success of a greener tomorrow, by protecting people, animals and the ecosystem we all collectively habitat.

With over 8 years experience studying and researching the health and beauty industry, owner and entrepreneur, Merlyn Ix desired to influence the conventional methods by creating a platform that supports nature and the ethics of a sustainable supply chain.

This means for us sourcing and cultivating the freshest produce – from biodiverse gardens, wild mountains, thriving forests and local communities.  In order to produce high-quality bioharmonic goods that is aligned with the laws and principles of natural alchemy.

Inspired by traditional cultures & modern science, Lin Skincare, provides an authentic profound skincare journey. Our methods reflect the quality of our plant-based ingredients – simple and raw to the core! 

The wild outdoors is our main office, whereby our vision, planning and inspiration come from and must return. Uncomplex health and beauty – which is simply guilt-free.