Origin: Immigrant clans from the Kamba region in Kenya, were believed to spread this mycelial spore all across the circumpolar regions of the world. Chaga is now found in different parts of Scandinavia, North America,Siberia and Russia

About:. “Mushroom of Immortality” and “King of the mushrooms”

Highest ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) rating found in any food source. Meaning it’s the most powerful antioxidant in a living organism that we know of.

Did you know Chaga is the most nutrient dense/medicinal mushroom on the planet? This is the main reason we slow extract chaga for up to a week sometimes! (At least for 24 hours in other cases)

Speculated to be the most effective biological treatment for cancer and skin disease discovered yet. Research is not conclusive yet and you should always consult a medical professional to find out if this may work for you.

Up to 25% melanin by weight compared to Reishi (queen of the mushrooms); who comes in at around 3-7%. Quite an astronomical differnce, however let’s not discredit the wonderful benefits Reishi, she is after the second most medicinal and has alot to offer. In symbiosis both these fungal strains can instigate a plethora of health benefits to a miraculous degree.

A might protector of the forest. Let’s take the Birch tree for example, living up to 300 years in full spectrum starlight, storing light and information in every moment. When Birch trees in the circumpolar region of the world (those cold places in other words) start to die from disease and/or old age, chaga can fruit at the first signs of rot – restoring the tree back to full health and blossoming. Due to its white-rot fungus nature, it doesn’t eat the cellulose of the tree, but instead provides a symbiotic harmonious relationship with it.

Birch tree’s

That’s pretty interesting, let’s explore this topic with another question.

Now, if they can help a tree, how about me?

The answer to that is YES, very much indeed….


As we will now explore.

Chaga contains a special type of phenol (which is known as the chromogenic complex) not present in any other source of food or plant known to mankind. 

Chaga can be up to 30% chromogenic complex by weight, which is protective of ALL tissue cells of the body (including the skin). Think of it as a super powered anti-oxidant that leaves pathogens (bad bacteria) quivering in their boots!

Naturally without sunlight, chaga tans the skin due, to its high melanin pigment composition – as high as 25%! Our skin is comprised of melanin and this is essential in skin regeneration and protection. As well being SUPER good and yummy for your brain; making you naturally elevated and stable emotionally/mentally, because melatonin and serotonin is derived from melanin.

Highest amount of SOD (Superoxide dismutase) per gram found anywhere else, even from genetically engineered prescribed pharmaceutical “SOD pills” (chaga 10 000 parts per gram, in comparison to 200-2000 parts per pill), also a concentrated pill is not going to be as bioavailable (absorbable) to the human body, compared to an organic plant compound. SOD is a potent antioxidant that reverses the transmutation process of oxidation before it even occurs thus stopping the process of aging itself hence, ‘mushroom of immortality’

Very notable for its ability to heal injuries and rashes (just think of the dying Birch tree coming back to life.) . It also has an uncanny ability to trap radioisotopes (radiation) and neutralize them so they are stable and safe, literally nature’s most potent sunscreen with one of the highest SPF ratings in the whole plant kingdom.

Also noted as the best organic  known on the planet in the remedy for skin related cancer. Along with hemp oil this can have tremendous benefit for those suffering from such tremendous dis-ease such as cancer. Also hugely beneficial for those coming out of chemotherapy. A great conjunction treatment, it’s recommended to consult your doctor to discuss the use and benefits of alternative medicines such as chaga.

On a side note chaga contains a great substance known as polysaccharides, which are long-chain sugars molecules that have almost magical effects in skin immune system modulation. Since they are long-chain as opposed to short chain they are a lot more diverse biologically. Also contains antioxidants like sterols,amino acids vitamin B’s and D2; and other minerals like magnesium, zinc, potassium. selenium, manganese, calcium and iron to name a few.

Things that Chaga can assist greatly in healing:

  • Protecting cells and DNA from free radical damage
  • Helps cells breathe in more oxygen-Regenerates damaged cells and tissue
  • Slows down aging drastically
  • Maintains optimum pH level
  • Anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties
  • Increases blood flow while reducing muscle/joint pain
  • Detoxes all cells; including epidermal skin cells from heavy metals, pathogens and air borne pollutants
  • Can aid in the healing of arthritis, fibromyalgia, rheumatism, and skin cancer
  • Balances the pineal gland by regulating light levels within the brain, which can have a tremendous benefical affect on the whole endochrine system.

The wealth of information and power chaga mushroom has to offer us and our planet. Is the reason and inspiration we, Lin – Skincare became so interested in healthy skin in the first place. Realizing nature has all the answers, “all we have to do is listen,” has been one of the greatest lessons and journeys we’ve embarked upon.