Loyal to Skin, Loyal to Lin.


Don't panic we're organic! Only the purest and highest quality organic ingredients are sourced to make healing the ultimate journey. ZERO chemicals, and a lot more ethical.


We only use coldpressed extraction methods to make our products. Ensuring optimum benefits that lasts longer and goes the extra mile. Raw to the core!


Zero animal products and testing. Only plant-based ingredients are used to reduce our carbon footprint and set the standard for future businesses to come.

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    CBD Cacao Balm

    Our smooth balm melts into your skin leaving no residual colour or oil, for an intense hydrating and healing experience. Infused with wild harvest full spectrum CBD oil and organic cacao. Rich in collagen producing – essential fatty acids, minerals and vitamins. This cream will leave your skin looking and feeling beautifully soft and radiant. 

Lin Skincare is a conscious operating cosmetic experience that is traditionally South African. An emphasis on wild-harvest African herbs are used thoughtfully in our formulations, with a mix of ethically sourced organic plant-based ingredients.

Our mission is to provide premium beauty and optimum health into the palm of your hand.

Only dealing directly with farmers, local African businesses and communities to source the highest quality ingredients possible, to ensure ethical business standards. Through this initiative, our aim is to redefine the model and also educate customers in the manner which they purchase skincare products


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